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Atkinson Elevated as EP at CNN

CNN Expansion DC - November 2021, Shoot ID: 1089822 , 11/15/2021, Emily Atkinson

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Wolf Blitzer/Twitter

CNN again announced the elevation of a Black employee into an executive leadership role.

NABJ sends congratulations to Emily Atkinson, who was just promoted to Executive Producer of CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

“She has worked with me for 13 years and is amazing,” Blitzer said on Twitter.

CNN bills the show as, “The command center for breaking news from around the world.”

In September 2018, she was promoted to Senior Broadcast Producer. Atkinson has worked with CNN for 23 years.

“She has performed nearly every editorial role of the program, from associate producer to writer, from line producer to senior broadcast producer,” noted Adweek’s TVNewser.

Since March, NABJ has been advocating for Black executive leadership on the news side at CNN and has encouraged the network to look within its organization for qualified candidates.

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