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Members: Join the NABJ Producer and Editors Databases

Dear Members:

Thanks to all of you who have added your names and resumes to the NABJ Editor Database and the NABJ Producer Database. The databases, which represent print, digital, and broadcast members, are of high interest to media companies that are truly committed to diversifying their staff. As you already know, producers and editors have different titles depending on the company and platform but still perform very similar editorial management and content creation duties.

We know that the producer/editor arena is highly competitive, and it may appear that there are not enough Black managers to go around if companies are not diligent enough in their efforts to find Black producers and editors. We simply want to make it easier for committed companies to know who you are, even if you are not looking for new job opportunities at the moment.

In addition to knowing where you work and your job function, NABJ will develop intimate masterclasses for editors, producers, and other journalists, on all media platforms, particularly those who seek to be managers in newsrooms. Our database managers plan to start offering one-hour, Saturday-morning Zoom masterclasses in August. We want to continue our commitment to provide continuous training for our members. In the past 18 months, we have had 46 training sessions on a number of topics impacting our members.

We believe it is imperative that NABJ creates a pipeline for the top tier of leadership in America’s newsrooms. As we see more of our members move into the top spots, we want to be strategic and deliberate in making certain that there are other NABJ members ready to move into comparable positions. The most crucial deliverable is the creation and dissemination of content relevant to the Black community and communities-at-large that often go unreported.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As we begin to share more information with partners and companies who utilize our career services and want to know more about members in our Editor and Producer Databases, please note you can always opt-out at any time by contacting our admins. Reach Editor Database Monitors Lynn Norment and Michael Days at and Reach Producer Database Monitors Harold Hayes at and Ashley Pullium at

We recommend you keep your name and contact information active and up-to-date with our databases to ensure that companies know about your experience and can contact you easily.

And please don’t forget to click on these links to submit or update your own information, or share the database link with other members.

NABJ Editor Database

NABJ Producer Database 



*Partners looking to subscribe for access to our databases can learn more here.

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