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NABJ Issues Security Advisory for Journalists in Wake of Capitol Insurrection

Dear Members and Supporters,

As you know, these are dangerous times for our country and our profession, especially with the most recent violent physical attacks during the Capitol insurrection.

As journalists continue to be targets of extremists, it is reasonable to assume there may be more attacks in the days ahead. Given the chaos in Washington, D.C., state leaders are now reassessing their security protocols and we urge media owners to do the same by taking immediate steps to provide heightened security and implement protocols to protect our members inside and outside of the newsroom.

For those who are already doing so through strategic actions, we applaud them. On behalf of our members, NABJ is asking all news managers to assess protocols and be proactive in providing extra security or assigning teams of reporters rather than sending them out alone.

To our members, do not hesitate to let your managers know of any occurrences or suspicious behavior, as well as potential threats.

We are also reminding our members to be cautious on daily assignments, to keep their media credentials with them, to be aware of their surroundings at all times, and, if they suspect danger, err on the side of caution and leave.

But at all times keep those cellphone cameras rolling.

Dorothy Tucker
NABJ President

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