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NABJ Launches Media Industry Alerts Form for Diversity, Inclusion Issues

NABJ Media Industry Monitoring – Confidential Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Issues Alerts Form

NABJ Members:

If you are aware of incidents, problems or issues of concern related to diversity, equity or inclusion in newsrooms, media organizations, media companies, or media-related situations in your community, the NABJ Media Monitoring Committee would like to know!

The Media Monitoring Committee provides reports and insight on diversity/inclusion/equity issues in the industry to the NABJ Board. We have created a form where you can share information about such issues with the group, which can then confer with the NABJ President and Board to determine what action, if any, is necessary.

Information provided here will not be published publicly without permission from the person making the report. It will be read by the chair of the Media Monitoring Committee and possibly shared with other members of the committee, the NABJ President, Board, and staff, as needed, with only the goal of assisting you with your issue or concern.

Please fill out as many information fields as possible. The more information you provide, the more likely NABJ will be able to evaluate your complaint and take action!

-The NABJ Media Monitoring Committee





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