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NABJ Special Report: Breast Cancer Awareness Series

Black women still face an uphill battle against breast cancer.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NABJ presents a look at how Black women are being affected by breast cancer in today’s world.Our report includes a definition of breast cancer; illustrations of how to do a breast self exam; the status of research into how Black women are impacted and who is conducting the research; a look at the deadly and very aggressive triple negative breast cancer; breast cancer in men; how men are impacted when their partners undergo treatment for breast cancer; mortality rates and remembrances of Black women who are celebrities.

In addition, if you are looking for a way to support fundraising for breast cancer research, there is a list of activities from around the country for you.Are you trying to explain breast cancer to a child? The report includes an activity sheet to share with youth.And there are personal essays from some NABJ members and friends about their experiences with breast cancer. We hope you enjoy the stories.Please share the stories with your network of family and friends.

Best to you,

Sandra Dawson Long Weaver

Tamara Banks

Directors of Content

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