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NABJ Welcomes New Chapter in Philly, New Chapters at Morehouse College, Langston University, University of Oregon

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) proudly announces the approval of several new chapters during Friday’s Board of Directors meeting in Philadelphia.

Among the list, representing NABJ Region I, is the new affiliate NABJ chapter in Philadelphia — NABJ-Philadelphia, bringing back an official chapter to the historic city.

Also approved during the meeting were several new student affiliate chapters:

-Langston University Association of Black Journalists (NABJ Region III)
-Morehouse College Association of Black Journalists [Also serving Spelman College] (NABJ Region III)
-University of Oregon NABJ (NABJ Region IV)

“NABJ is proud of the work our members have done to launch new chapters around the country,” said Ken Lemon, NABJ President. “With Philadelphia playing such an important role in NABJ’s history, we are especially proud that our Board enthusiastically voted in favor of this talented group poised to support Black journalists in the Philadelphia area with the support and network of NABJ backing them. We ask our partners and members in Philadelphia and all cities where new chapters have been formed to rally around them with open arms as they move forward.”

The new Philadelphia chapter is led by president and veteran journalist Michael Days, a former Executive Editor and Vice President at the Philadelphia Daily News and formerly Editor and VP of Diversity and Inclusion at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Founding members of the NABJ-Philadelphia chapter made a special presentation during Friday’s meeting. They also provided celebratory remarks, some of whom were previous leaders and founding members of the former NABJ affiliate in that area. One founding NABJ-Philadelphia member, Don Camp, who was a co-founder of the previous chapter, wrote an emotional letter of support, expressing his excitement that the new branch is poised for growth and ready to continue NABJ’s commitment to excellence in journalism and diversity, equity and inclusion in the Philadelphia area.

Representing a year of expansion and membership growth for NABJ, other new chapters NABJ welcomed in 2023 include:
-NABJ-Western Kentucky University (NABJ Region II)
-NABJ-The University of Alabama (NABJ Region III)
-Oakwood University Association of Black Journalists (NABJ Region III)
-Southern Methodist University Association of Black Journalists (NABJ Region III)
-University of Houston Association of Black Journalists (NABJ Region III)


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