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#NABJNAHJ20 Host Hotel Update

NABJ Family:

We opened the room block for members for the first time this morning. As we anticipated, we are selling rooms fast. But don’t panic! We are NOT sold out of rooms yet at the host hotel! We assure you there’s good news!

Last week, before opening the room block for members this morning, we met with the host hotel and requested that they make additional rooms available. These will open up very soon. Please be patient with us. We are awaiting word from Marriott when the activation will occur and are told it should be by close of business tomorrow.

We will monitor this closely to ensure the rooms open up sooner than later. We also requested rooms at an overflow hotel for when we reach capacity at the Marriott. Unfortunately, the current online Marriott system is incapable of telling you which specific dates are unavailable. However, you can get that information by contacting the Wardman by phone. The phone number is available here:

If by chance an operator tells you a room night is sold out, please be patient, we are waiting for them to open the rooms we requested last week.

Some of you may have received a “not available” message. Here’s why:

This is likely because the additional rooms that we requested have not yet been activated on one of the dates you may have requested.

For example, if you requested online for July 7-12 and July 7 is not available but other nights ARE available, the Marriott system’s response may tell you that all of the nights you requested are not available.

While it appears that the combined room block with NAHJ is on pace to eclipse our combined numbers from our 2019 conventions, we want you to know we are working to ensure we can accommodate as many of you as possible. The overflow hotel will be within walking distance.

We are happy to see that the demand for participating in #NABJNAHJ20 is so high. Once again, this morning was the first time we announced the room block opening to our members and also announced the new rules. Thank you for your eagerness to prepare for an epic convention and please rely on our website, our social media pages and our emails as the official source of accurate information about the convention.

The original message containing the reservation link and the new room booking policy can be found HERE.

Stay tuned!

Drew Berry
Executive Director
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