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Update From President Ken Lemon on Recent Reports of COVID Cases

Dear Members and Supporters:

It’s always our desire that everyone have a safe, enjoyable experience when attending NABJ events. We host our in-person events in accordance with local, state and federal health agency guidelines. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported an increase in the spread of COVID in the U.S. We have also spoken with some members and guests who have notified us that they tested positive following our Birmingham convention. We have learned that some attendees at other conferences, some much larger than ours, have also been reporting positive cases. As we have in the past, we recommend immediate testing for anyone displaying symptoms or anyone who has had close contact with someone who tested positive.

We also recommend the following tips:

Please be safe! We will continue to monitor this situation as we prepare for fall and winter programming and as we look toward spring and our 2024 convention in Chicago.

Yours in Service,

Ken Lemon, NABJ President

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