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Just as our TVs are no longer Black and white, neither is our world. Whether it’s Ketanji Brown Jackson becoming the first Black female supreme court justice, or Dr. Maya Angelou becoming the first Black woman to appear on a U.S. quarter.

We are still having our firsts.

In real life, we see, breathe, and live in color. We live with color and nuance—flawed, good, and evil, rich and poor, and everything in between. There’s no one way to tell a story.

But as today’s problems prove, we all deserve more in the real world and reel representation. As storytellers, journalists, and citizens, we have a special responsibility to reflect a more fantastic world on and off-camera. The WBD Inclusive is powered by Warner Brothers Discovery–because no other company understands the power of media the way it does.

WHEN YOU SEE US, YOU SEE YOU… in our boardrooms, content, and at every point where we show up in the world. The content you consume and those that create it should reflect you.

As the digital editorial HQ for Warner Brothers Discovery’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion, The WBD Inclusive represents and celebrates the extraordinary lives and accomplishments of WBD’s world-class talent and global workforce.

For instance, we spotlight WBD’s significant number of the top female creatives of color, producing exclusive content for its’ various networks and studios. These incredible women include Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Eva Longoria, Issa Rae, Michaela Coel, Ava Duvernay, Robin Thede, Quinta Brunson, Lena Waite, Salli Richardson Whitfield, and more. Also, we give space to the stories of those influencing the world behind the scenes: such as James Anderson, the African American, former Head of Communications for WarnerMedia, and now the interim Head of Communications for CNN Global; as well as Luis Silberwasser, the Latino executive recently appointed the chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and will oversee WBD rights and coverage of the NBA, NHL, MLB, as well as March Madness college basketball.

The WBD Inclusive fosters a sense of identity, community, and belonging to our employees and consumers. As the intersection of all things DEI at Warner Brothers Discovery, The WBD Inclusive curates a conversation and relationship with various audiences internally and externally. From our Business Resource Groups to advocacy groups across the country. As a dedicated, forward-thinking team of creative minds across WBD, we develop original content that resonates with our evolving audiences.

We are resilient in a diverse society and resistant to the intrusive and pervasive nature of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and ableism. We need a universal definition of freedom. Where is it if it exists? Are we free to be ourselves? Has our history silenced us, or has it forced an outcry? The world inundates our social feeds with images of trauma. We need powerful storytelling that connects us beyond a hashtag–don’t we all deserve more?  We acknowledge that we need more of a diverse public display of affection, and we have the power to retell and rewrite history so that we all can see ourselves in true inclusiveness beyond words.

As employees, we know the boundaries of our business yet still color outside the lines. As citizens, we hold on to deeply held values—that today’s companies can still generate revenue, do right by their employees, and be socially responsible.

The WBD Inclusive is a model for Next-Gen DEI: the intersectional connecting of talent, workforce, community, and consumers. We are a collective of people who see and experience realities that compel us to create the workplace and world we aspire to live in and see on our screens.

The WBD Inclusive represents The Culture because we are The Culture.

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