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NABJ Roundup Monthly Newsletter – March 2021




President’s Corner#NABJWomen and New COVID-19 Relief Grants

We recently launched #NABJWomen. The mission is to advocate for Black Women and femmes throughout the media. Our monthly webinars will focus on issues of primary concern to women, but others may benefit and all can register. Our first session was a great example, “Salary Negotiations: Getting Paid What You’re Worth.”  

Tips from our panelists included: 

*When you receive an offer, ask, “Is this fair and equitable? If the books were open would you be comfortable with this? Can you circle back to confirm that this offer is fair and equitable?”  Tara August Senior VP, Talent Relations, Turner Sports 

“Women tend to network with their peers. Men tend to network with those above their hiring level. Get comfortable talking to your bosses’ bosses. They can become sponsors.”   -Suzanne de Janasz Professor/Author at George Mason University.

“If your workplace is toxic, use the company’s resources to build up your skillset so when you leave, you have skills you can monetize and grow.”  -Roxanne Jones, CEO PUSH Marketing Group, CNN writer

Watch the session: #NABJWomen​ Presents Salary Negotiations, Getting Paid What You’re Worth

I want to extend a special thanks to the women who contributed to our promotional video. 

If we missed you this time, don’t worry. We’ll be updating the video in the future, adding new faces. Stay tuned. 

New COVID-19 Relief Grants

We’ve been able to provide a financial boost to nearly 300 members.  Because of generous donations, we are able to provide another round of COVID-19 Relief grants. This time, chapter leaders will have the opportunity to select recipients. We are offering the first 30 certified chapters $2,000 in assistance to give to some of their members. Chapter members must be financially current, locally and nationally, and must fill out a standard application. The national office will verify the information and then administer the grant.

Two main requirements: 

  1. The chapter is certified. (By March 15)
  2. Chosen local members must also be members of the national organization.

Your chapter president received an email with all the requirements, details, rules, and deadlines. Please spread the word. We want to help as many members of the NABJ family as possible.

Email me at

Yours in Service,

Dorothy Tucker/NABJ President/ CBS Chicago Investigative Reporter/@Dorothy4NABJ





In Memoriam

Bryan Monroe, Former NABJ President

 Irv Cross, Sports Analyst 

 Sekou Smith, NBA TV/ 

Karen Hudson Samuels, Retired Detroit Anchor 

 Terez Paylor, Yahoo Sports 

Jim Tilmon, Chicago Meteorologist

  Paul Brock, NABJ’s Founding Executive Director


Chapter Updates 

Recent Training & Updates

Buffalo – Put Me On: A Panel with News Decision-Makers

Tampa Bay – Coming Up: An Unprecedented Job Search

Kansas City – Real Sports Talk Workshop

Boston – Data Cleaning 102 and Surviving and Thriving While Black in Boston

Memphis – Clubhouse, TikTok and Fleets

New York – Transition to Your Purpose

L.A. – Jarrett Hill elected President

D.C. – Khorri Atkinson elected President

Philadelphia – Ernest Owens elected President; Benet Wilson elected Vice President-Print

Wisconsin – Tannette Eli elected Associate Vice President


Collegiate Corner

Recent Training & Updates

NABJ-NUFreelancing and Twitter Tips Workshop

UKABJSocial Justice Through Social Media

Point Park University’s Doris O’Donnell Fellowships



Task Force Updates

Recent Training & Updates

YBJ – Black Hair 101: What No One Tells You About Being Natural On-Air

Print – Kat Stafford named Deputy Chair

Political – Held Q&A with Eugene Daniels, Playbook author and White House correspondent at Politico

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#NABJWebinars and Specials

ICYMI: NABJ Chapters: Guide to Getting 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status & Shoring Up Financial Oversight

ICYMI: Tenure Vs. Professor of Practice: What New Professors Should Know About Teaching

ICYMI: Mental Health Check-In: The Critical Importance of Self Awareness

ICYMI: Dealing with Microaggressions

ICYMI: Success Stories & Pathways for Media Related Professionals

ICYMI: Founders Celebration NABJ 45th Anniversary Special 



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