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NABJ Task Forces

NABJ offers various task forces that allow members to work together, network and advance NABJ’s mission in their areas of interest. Read more about our task forces below.

Arts and Entertainment Task Force

The NABJ Arts and Entertainment Task Force is available to members who cover arts and entertainment. Joining this group is a great way to connect to the broader arts and entertainment community.

Chair: Venton D. Blandin, vinnieinvirginia@yahoo.com

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Media-Related Professionals Task Force

The Media-Related Professionals Task Force includes part-time journalists, part-time freelance writers, educators, marketing and public relations professionals, as well as other media professionals. The purpose of this task force is to advance the causes and issues related to these sectors and to NABJ.


Terry Allen, terryallenpr@gmail.com


Pamela R. Purifoy, prpropam@gmail.com

Black Press Task Force

The Black Press Task Force includes journalists and owners of black media outlets. The group’s purpose is to advocate on behalf of black-owned media and to foster camaraderie amongst journalists in this space.


Tene Croom, tene.croom.tc@gmail.com

Broadcast Task Force

The Broadcast Task Force includes radio and television journalists. The group’s purpose is to champion diversity in newsrooms across the country and to inspire camaraderie among broadcast journalists.


Alexis Rogers, alexisrrogers@gmail.com
Brandon Pope, jlandon623@yahoo.com

Print Task Force

The Print Task Force includes copy desk managers, copy editors, news editors, line editors, layout and design editors, and yes, recruiters. The group's purposes are to inspire camaraderie among editors across the country; to share ideas about editing; and to discuss the ups and downs of working a non-traditional schedule. We also encourage college students to pursue copy editing and other careers in newsrooms.

Co-Chairs: John-John Williams IV, john-john.williams@baltsun.com

Craig Allen Brown, craig.allen.brown21@gmail.com

Digital Journalism Task Force

As technology is enhancing journalism and transforming the media landscape, journalists must adapt and use new tools in order to survive and thrive. The Digital Journalism Task Force keeps NABJ members on the cutting edge as they navigate rapidly evolving newsrooms.

Chair: Joseph Ferguson, joseph, ferguson009@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Benét Wilson, benet4nabj@aviationqueen.com

Founders Task Force

The Founders Task Force includes NABJ Founders, Past Presidents and former National Board Members with at least 25 years of membership in NABJ. The groups’ purposes are to reaffirm NABJ’s founding principles and fortify NABJ through the contributions of its members’ time, talents, historical perspectives and collective memory in alignment with the organization’s mission and strategic plan.


Sandra Dawson Long Weaver, sandralongweaver@yahoo.com

Global Journalism Task Force

The Global Journalism Task Force promotes coverage of and about the African/African-American experience worldwide.


Damaso Reyes, damasoreyes@gmail.com

LGBTQ Task Force

The mission of this task force is to unite NABJ's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer members so they may support and strengthen one another and assist NABJ in carrying out its mission of inclusion and excellence.


Tre’vell Anderson, anderson.trevell@gmail.com
Femi Redwood, femiredwood@gmail.com

Political Journalism Task Force

The Political Journalism Task Force is composed of journalists that cover local, state, and national politics. The group's purpose is to provide support and programming for political journalists.


Tia Mitchell, tiamitchell6@gmail.com

Sports Journalism Task Force

The NABJ Sports Task Force promotes diversity in America’s sports departments and provides programming toward developing the next wave of America's sports journalists.


A. Sherrod Blakely, sherrodb111@gmail.com

Visual Task Force

The Visual Task Force serves as a visual storytelling arm of the National Association of Black Journalists. We are a professional community for visual journalists, designers, animators, broadcast videographers and visual editors whose mission is to develop educational programs and provide professional development for both veteran and future multimedia journalists and offer visual leadership for newspaper, magazine, broadcast and online publications.


Monica Herndon, monicaherndonphoto@gmail.com

Young Black Journalists Task Force

The Young Black Journalists Task Force provides a forum and support for fellow journalists in their first few years. The Task Force annually recognizes emerging journalists doing exemplary work.


Kay Angrum, kayangrum@gmail.com

Clarence Stone, cjstone10@gmail.com

HBCU Task Force

The HBCU Task Force provides programming and advocates for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and members that are graduates of the institutions.


Michael Grant, m.grant1981@gmail.com

Freelance Task Force

The Freelance Task Force advocates and provides programming for freelance members.


Business Task Force

The mission of the NABJ Business Journalism Task Force is to increase the number of Black journalists covering business, and educate fellow NABJ members and the industry about these topics.


Weather and Climate Task Force

The NABJ Weather and Climate Task Force is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion among meteorologists, weathercasters, science reporters, and others covering weather and climate stories. We will provide opportunities for fellowship, education and mentorship for current and rising professionals covering this field.


Jason Frazer


Investigative Reporters Task Force

The NABJ Investigative Reporters Task Force is dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion among investigative journalists.


Curtis McCloud


Jatara McGee

Task Force Guidelines can be found here.