Please note: Article II, Section 8: Sponsorship Allocation has been amended.

NABJ OPERATING PROCEDURES: Amended December 5, 2022

Please note: Chapter 4, Article II, Section 8: Sponsorship Revenue Sharing with Task Forces has been amended.

Chapter 6, Article II, Section 3 for chapters has been amended.

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NABJ OPERATING PROCEDURES: Amended October 22, 2022



If a task force brings in a new sponsor, any sponsor not financially engaged with NABJ for three years, that task force would receive a finder’s fee of 10% of the sponsorship allocation. The “new” status is eligible to remain if the sponsor returns for a second year.

Dear NABJ Task Force Chairs,
In order to be compliant with longstanding NABJ operating procedures as posted here, please provide the National Office with the following by Feb. 1, as indicated. This information helps us avoid scheduling conflicts, maximizes fundraising opportunities, and improves overall communications.
In summary, we need:
Schedule of events you want to hold now through June . (You can change the dates later but this gives us at least an opportunity to plan and avoid conflicts.)
Name and contact info for chair and deputy chair
Name and contact for officers, including bookkeeper (see operating procedures above)
Name and contact info for task force members per operating procedures. (We’ll let you know if anyone on the list needs to renew membership
Please review Article II section 7 of operating procedures of other items needing attention
Contact the Development Director before outreach to potential sponsors/partners: Faye Sigers | fsigers@nabj.org  
Click here to submit the audit by Feb. 1
Thanks much!
Drew Berry, Executive Director
Access Task Force Audit Information Here.

NABJ Operating Procedures
Section 1: Approval by the Board of Directors
An NABJ Task Force, once organized, will apply to the Board of Directors for formal approval and recognition. The full NABJ Board will vote at the best full board meeting. The Task Force should select a deputy chair that ensures that Task Force leadership is diverse in terms of age, gender and geography and in the case of indecision and time-sensitive priorities the president shall exercise the option to appoint a deputy chair.
Section 2: Officers’ Approval Before Raising Funds
Once approved, an NABJ Task Force shall organize its internal structure with a Chair or Co-Chair. Bookkeeper shall be named for any dues for newsletters and administrative fees. Under no circumstances shall an NABJ Task Force raise or solicit money for the NABJ or itself without contacting and (getting approval) from the Executive Director, President and/or Treasurer of NABJ.
Section 3: Submitting Names of Officers and Requests for Activities
An NABJ Task Force must submit the names of its officers to the National Office and the designated member of the Board of Directors each time there is a change. All requests for convention programs, receptions and similar activities must be made and confirmed with the designated member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the NABJ. All officers of the Task Force must be active members of NABJ
Section 4: Annual Report
An NABJ Task Force need not apply for annual renewal.
Section 5: Submitting Names of Members; Requesting Lists of Eligible Members
An NABJ Task Force must submit its membership list to the NABJ National Office; it may receive upon request, a list of members from the NABJ office eligible for membership within its Task Force. The list shall be provided upon approval of the Executive Director and the NABJ President.
Section 6: Dissolution
An NABJ Task Force should alert the National Office and NABJ Board should it ever dissolve. The NABJ Board shall also reserve the right to dissolve any Task Force should the Board determine that the Task Force mission is inconsistent or detrimental to NABJ’s concerns. When a task force is dissolved the assets are turned over to the NABJ operating fund once all financial obligations have been cleared.
Section 7: Responsibilities of Task Forces
The responsibilities of the NABJ Task Forces shall be as follows:
-The Task Force shall submit reports and complete a Task Force Audit at each quarterly Board of Directors meeting and such other times as requested by the Board.
-The Task Force shall submit an annual statement of its activities to the Board of Directors at its annual meeting, and plans for the next 12 months.
-The Task Force should hold at least one meeting per quarter to carry out its mission. The meeting may be conducted live, by telephone or electronically.
-The Task Force must submit minutes of its meetings to the Board of Directors.
-The Task Force shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or Board of Directors.
-The Task Force shall report all income and expenditures.
-The Task Force chairman may be asked to have a presence and/ or attend board meetings.
Section 8: Sponsorship Allocation (Updated as of 5/31/2023)
All initial outreach to potential sponsors must first be approved by the NABJ Development Director and/or NABJ Executive Director to avoid sponsor/partner confusion and conflicts. Failure to get the initial approval from National Office personnel as listed above will disqualify a task force from any revenue allotment as outlined below.
All sponsorship dollars must be paid to NABJ and go through the national office.
Task forces cannot create their own funding prospectus when soliciting sponsors and must follow the sponsorship levels and donation guidelines outlined by the national office.
Inside of the National Convention Dates: If a task force brings in a new sponsor, any sponsor not financially engaged with NABJ for the past three conventions, that task force would receive a finder’s fee of 10% of the sponsorship allocation. The “new” status is eligible to remain if the sponsor returns for a second consecutive year. New partners are defined as sponsors that have not engaged in a sponsorship with the national organization during the past three conventions. New partners can retain their “new partner” status for two consecutive years.
The purpose of the sponsorship is to cover the costs of the entire event or/and  the 10% earmarked for the task force will go to cover the event costs. Any surplus beyond the 10% will go to NABJ to help cover convention costs.
For example: If the total sponsorship is $10k and the event costs $7k, the task force gets $1k and NABJ will use the remaining $2k to cover convention and budget costs.
The cost of your event cannot exceed your sponsorship minus the finder’s fee. Your event’s budget must be submitted to the national office and the treasurer when you pitch your event.
For a ticketed event, the task force receives all ticket sales unless the cost of the event exceeds actual expenditures.
Any task force related convention events and the associated budget must be approved by the national office by April 1. All sponsorships and funds must be secured no later than Memorial Day or the event will be cancelled unless given approval by the national office unless given approval by the national office.
Outside of the National Convention Dates:
  1. Task Forces receive 60% of revenue from new partnerships initiated and solicited by the task force for task force events. The percentage is allocated after all expenses have been paid. New partners are defined as sponsors that have not engaged in a sponsorship with the national organization in the past three years. New partners can retain their “new partner” status for two consecutive years.
  2. Task Forces will receive 100% of all ticketed registration net revenue to their events after expenses
  3. All monies raised by task forces must be used for training, scholarships and other activities that support NABJ’s constitutional mission.
  4. The National Office will support events by soliciting funds from new and/or existing partners. Monies raised by the National office will not be split with the task force but will be used to help cover the organization’s expenses in the approved budget.
  5. Task forces must be compliant with operating procedure requirements including submitting a list of activities, budgets, list of officers and other outlined requirements by the deadlines in order to be eligible for any revenue splits for the year. Task force chairs must attend an annual financial and operational training meeting as part of the annual audit process. Failure to attend makes the task force ineligible for any revenue split allocation.
  6. All task force splits will be credited to the task force’s account by October 31st after the convention.
Hosting off-site events during the convention dates
NABJ will not support any off-site events during convention dates.
Task force meetings, receptions and regional caucuses during convention dates
All task forces will be given a meeting space and reception space free of charge. For receptions, task forces will not be charged for room space but are responsible for food and beverage and other incidental expenses related to using the room (ie: decorations, audio/visuals). Receptions can have multiple donors to cover the costs of the reception. However, the reception will be branded as a task force reception. Task force reception donors will not get any national benefits or promotions including from the branded task force platforms. Task forces can design the programming for their receptions.
For annual meetings, receptions and regional caucuses, NABJ will only accept donations and not sponsorships. These donations are not eligible for a split. Any donation above the current appropriate national sponsorship rate will be classified as a sponsorship.
Any excess funds from donors for your meeting, reception or regional caucus will be credited to the task force. Those funds can only be used for training, scholarships and other activities that support NABJ’s constitutional mission.
Donations are given purely for the greater good without expectation. Sponsorship, on the other hand, is a reciprocal activity where the expectation is an exchange – generally marketing-related partner benefits such as those described in our convention partnership prospectus at nabjconvention.com.

Other National Office Task Force Guidance & Requirements
As the keeper of NABJ’s brand, the NABJ National Office has developed its own set of operating procedures that also includes information about how Task Forces (which also applies to Committees) should interact with the National Office and the role they play in brand management. For additional information, contact the Director of Operations or Director of Communications.
The guidelines outlined in the document include:
-Use of the NABJ letterhead must be requested, placed and approved by the National Office upon each use.
-Any external or regional/national event (in-person or virtual), program, marketing materials, etc., bearing NABJ’s name or logo must be approved by the National Office.
No Task Force should speak on behalf of NABJ’s Headquarters, the Board or the organization as a whole. The President should be made aware beforehand of all official media interviews, statements, quotes or other addresses. Any statement or materials distributed by a Task Force or Committee must clearly indicate that the information represents the Task Force/Committee and not the National Headquarters or Board, unless approval is given to do so. The President is the Chief Spokesperson and must be made aware of and approve all formal statements and announcements.
-All Task Forces/Committees must keep their websites and social media presences updated. These links should be submitted to the National Office annually for review/approval or upon the start of a new page. The manager’s name and contact of each social platform or website as well as the login credentials must  be on file with the Director of Communications for emergency purposes and to ensure information is transitioned when a new leadership team for the Task Force/Committee is in place. All website and social media managers must be current members of NABJ, in good standing, and must agree to not share member information or use it for non-task force business. This applies to committees and groups of the National organization as well.
The National Office must have credentials/access to all official email accounts, websites, or social media pages in the case of an emergency and for ease of leadership transitions.
-Only Task Forces in good standing will have access and approval to use NABJ’s logo. Please contact the Director of Communications for the official logo. The logo should not be manipulated in any form or used with boxes or other shapes around it. Task forces may use their own logos with approval of the Director of Communications and Director of Operations. All branding used for task force and committee platforms should be approved by the National Office (Director of Communications and Director of Operations). Task forces and committees can also request branding kits.
-Task Forces and Committees may request support from the Director of Communications to promote conference calls, webinars and special events via calendar listings, eblast inclusion and social media upon approval and at the discretion of the National Office. Please request the service form at press@nabj.org.
-Task Forces/Committees must propose webinar ideas on or off our official platform through our webinar form. Request the form from webinar@nabj.org. Webinars must be accessible to the entire membership but can be hosted by a Task Force/Committee.
-Task Forces are responsible for ensuring their contact information and group descriptions are updated with the National Office annually prior to the convention or as changes occur, so the website, internal files and convention book are accurate.