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Tips for Coping and Safety 

Click here to review tips and tools for coping with the trauma of COVID-19, #ReportingWhileBlack, and social injustice as a reporter, as well as safety tips for covering protests during this critical time.

Apply for COVID-19 Hardship Relief

We are accepting applications to provide COVID-19 relief grants to our members in good standing who have been experiencing financial hardships as a result of pandemic -related job losses, furloughs or cut hours. Apply here.


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Check-In About Your Coverage Experiences

Check in here to tell us what you are experiencing covering protests on the field or what work is like in your newsrooms during this critical time.

Give Us Your Feedback About Job Loss in the Industry

Help us learn more about what you are experiencing in the current job market. Click here to take the NABJ Job Loss Survey.

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Webinars: Get Training & Advice for Navigating COVID-19, Protests & More

Get the tips and tools you need for COVID-19 and protest coverage, as well as navigating the media/news landscape and life with our free webinar series. Click here to view our playlist.

More Resources From Us & Our Partners/Colleagues

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More Resources to Help You

– Take the NABJ COVID-19 Member Check-in Survey  here.

– How to Protect Yourself:  View the CDC’s guidelines here .

– What to Do If You Think You’re Sick:  View the CDC’s recommendations here.

Stay In-the-Know:  Read the CPJ’s Safety Advisory for Covering the Coronavirus here.

Tips for Reporters and Reporting Resources on COVID-19 produced by Journalist’s Toolbox are  here .