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February 10, 2021

NABJ is launching a new series: #NABJWomen! Our mission is to be a trusted resource and advocate for Black women throughout the media. Our purpose is to share the critical strategies,  information and support systems we need to gain power, personal growth,  pay equity, and influence in the industry.

#NABJWomen will offer a compelling slate of programs, workshops and webinars that speak specifically to women.

To kick off the project, we’re producing a short video. If you are a current NABJ member and would like to be featured please shoot a 60 to 90-second video with your smartphone.

Please email a video with the following message to by February 10, 2021. Include #NABJWomen in the subject line and your name.

My superpower is: ______

My greatest strength is: _____

NABJ Women are: _____

I am: _____

*For Example:

—My superpower is: COMPASSION

—My greatest strength is: STORYTELLING

—NABJ women are: LEADERS


Production Tips:

—Good lighting

—Clean audio. (Eliminate background noise like the TV, dog or your adorable children.)

—Hold the phone horizontal (Use a tripod or get a friend to shoot it. Selfies tend to exaggerate your features.)

Please email the video file to by February 10, 2021.  Include #NABJWomen in the subject line.

Thank you for lifting your voice to launch #NABJWoman. The first webinar on pay inequity is scheduled for mid-February.

We have many exciting webinar ideas but we’re looking for more.

Suggestions, questions, comments? Please email the #NABJWomen co-chairs.

Leah Uko –

Roxanne Jones –