NABJ Roundup – #NABJNAHJ22

Greetings, NABJ! We made it.   The last approximately 2.5 years have been challenging for many people in various ways but we are resilient.  We are determined.  […]

NABJ Roundup Monthly Newsletter – May 2021

President’s Corner: NABJ Calls for More Media Companies to Publicize Diversity Data NABJ plays a critical role in this era of racial reckoning. We’ve been both […]

NABJ Roundup Monthly Newsletter – March 2021

      President’s Corner:  #NABJWomen and New COVID-19 Relief Grants We recently launched #NABJWomen. The mission is to advocate for Black Women and femmes throughout […]

NABJ Roundup Newsletter – December 2020

President’s Corner:  Journalism Industry Responds to Floyd, Social Justice and NABJ Advocacy  The tragic death of George Floyd continues to have a far-reaching impact on America. […]

The NABJ Roundup Newsletter November 2020

  Happy fall NABJ Family, Time to catch up! In this issue, we’re announcing the organization’s first news operation, reminding you to take advantage of our […]

NABJ RoundUp: September 2020: Convention Rewind

President’s Letter: A Call to Action NABJ family, we made history! Our first virtual convention, NABJ-NAHJ 2020, was a huge success. •With 3,713 registrants, NABJ-NAHJ 2020 was our […]

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The May NABJ Roundup Newsletter is now available.

President’s Corner: The News Needs Us

The news never stops. Papers are printed. Stories uploaded. Newscasts go live.

#NABJElections: Candidates Answer Our Questions

In my first six months: I will establish an instructional collaboration with Student Projects professional editors and the advisor of the J-Shop (High School) Workshop. This relationship would serve as a conduit for informational networking. This network would also function as an evaluation database to better develop future student learning approaches for journalism educators and or mentors who serve in NABJ’s student programs. I will also start a quarterly conference call.